Introducing my consultancy service: You have the flexibility to hire me as a subcontractor, whether it's for just one day a month or whenever the need arises. This is done remotely, I specialize in following up on monthly invoices or assisting with any invoicing tasks and ADHOC admin duties. My hourly rate is $45.00.

Some clients prefer this arrangement as they may not enjoy chasing up unpaid invoices or may lack the confidence to do so or you just want or need some help with the backend admin stuff.

Should you require my assistance in the future, please email me for our Authority To Act form 


  • An email address for me to use (often clients create one like
  • Invoices or a list of accounts you'd like me to follow up on, along with their contact numbers or access to their billing program.

Rest assured, all information provided is treated with the utmost confidentiality, as required by the industry standards.