Terms & Conditions Template Package

I offer a tailored template package designed to assist your business in recovering costs and safeguarding your position in case of company insolvency. For those who prefer manual methods, the package is priced at $500.00 and includes customization with your company logo. I'm flexible and can make any necessary adjustments to the templates upon your request. Here's what's included in the package:

Letter Templates:

  • Arrangement Letter Template (signed by the customer)
  • Reminder Letter
  • Letter of Demand
  • Blank Letterhead

Customer Engagement Form:

This form, tailored for everyday consumer transactions, includes payment terms, indemnity, and other clauses to secure payment. It's sent to customers when booking a job, and they sign it to agree to your terms and conditions.


Ideal for businesses offering 30-day accounts, for builders, and companies, this contract requires the owner or director of the business to sign. If the company goes into liquidation, the individual becomes personally liable for the debt.

Job Sheet:

This sheet is invaluable for jobs where changes are made or additions requested by the customer. It's signed by the customer after work completion, confirming satisfaction and agreement with the amount charged. It also serves as a "Do & Charge" form for emergency calls or customers who prefer work without a prior quote.

Manual Invoice:

For businesses that prefer manual invoicing or when it's necessary to generate an invoice manually instead of through accounting software.

All templates will be customized with your business logo and information. Let me know if you need further customization or have any questions or are unsure about anything as I am only too happy to help.